1. Fill in your  full name (Plaintiff) and husband (Defendant) including the title and the name of your parents in accordance with the final document. Co ntoh: Ir. Nurlaila Bint H. Has an (Plaintiff) and Amir Bin Sutomo (Defendant).

If your name is written differently in the document, then write down the name of the alias. Example: Ir. Nurlaila Bint H. Hasan alias Ir. Laela Nur Hasan Bint H.

  1. Fill out your age when filing for divorce.
  2. Fill in your religion.
  3. Fill in your last education.
  4. Fill in the name of your current job.
  5. Fill in your complete address of residence in accordance with the current address of your stay complete with house number, RT, RW, village or village, district, county or city.
  6. If you do not know the address of the current husband, then fill husband address den gan using the last address that you know, and then give the information that you do not know where the husband lived at this time (the address is not known both inside and outside Indonesia).


Understand the issue

  1. Write the date of the marriage ceremony, KUA which recorded the ceremony, No. Quotes Deed N IKAH and date issued Marriage Certificate.
  2. Write the first residential address at marriage and subsequent residential address while living with her ​​husband and the last mention how long you lived together with her ​​husband.
  3. If there are children in your wedding ren, specify the number of children, each child's name and their date of birth according to the deed or certificate of birth.
  4. Mention the beginning of the fight or incompatibility with her ​​husband.
  5. Mention when karan perteng mounting.
  6. Mention the reasons or causes of a quarrel between you and your husband.
  7. Mention when karan perteng last occurred resulting in separate beds or separate stay home and mentioned address after separate beds or home.
  8. Mention how he m a separation between you and your husband's case.
  9. Write j ika no peace efforts with the husband.
  10. Write that as a result of the ongoing quarrel already there is no hope to live in harmony as husband and wife.
  11. Write that you want your children are in the care of your lawyer, if you require it.