• Within 1-2 days MyPay DFAS  since filed a petition, Judge President of the Court establishes that will hear the case. Chief Justice appointed, immediately set the session.
  • On the basis of the determination of the trial (PHS), bailiffs calling you and your husband to attend ng sida. Call your letter must be received at least 3 days before the day of the trial.
  • The letter calls for the session you should be submitted in your residence. The letter calls for the trial will be submitted to the husband's husband at home. If you or husband are not at home, then the bailiff will entrust trial summons to the Head of the Village / Village Chief in your place or husband live.


Step 7. Attend Session

  • On the day of the hearing specified in the summons, you and Husband must be present in court. You will be called into the courtroom in order of attendance.


E. ISI for divorce


  1. The identity of the parties (you and I) consists of: n ama complete (along with the title and the son / daughter), age, occupation, place of residence.


  1. Basic or an excuse to sue, containing particulars of the sequence of events since the start of your marriage took place, events existing law (eg: the birth of children), until the emergence of a mismatch between your husband and that led to divorce, the reasons put forward and description which later became the basis of demand.


  1. Demands / requests of law (petition), which demands that you ask to be granted by the judge. Such As:
  • Accept and grant the Plaintiff's claim in its entirety;
  • Stating marriage between plaintiff and defendant broke up because of divorce
  • Punish the Defendant to pay the Plaintiff idda living for three months at Rp____;
  • Men set up a child custody granted to the Plaintiff
  • Punish the Defendant to pay Plaintiff living child through Rp ........ every month;
  • Punish the Defendant to pay the maintenance fee (if the child is immature) since .... Rp .... per month until the child is independent / adult;
  • Men set up a joint that property acquired during marriage (Gono-gini) be ______
  • Establishes that Plaintiff and Defendants each earn half part of joint property.
  • Punish Plaintiff and Defendant to divide the joint property in accordance with their share
  • Punish Plaintiff to pay court costs ... .. Etc.